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Andrew loves making things. After 10 years making websites and growing his business Brown Box, he now manages some of Australia's biggest corporations as they communicate with their customers through email through Oracle Marketing Cloud. Twitter | LinkedIn | Google +


Christian web design

Mike McKenna – an interview from

Did you find much Christian influence when it came to learning the discipline of design? Not so much in terms of being influenced by other Christians in the way I design. What I learned when I was growing as a designer was to pray–a lot. I started my own web design company at the worst possible time from a national economy standpoint. Plus, I had a newborn baby. And my the stuff I was designing was junk.

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Andrew Beeston

Digital marketing professional

Hi, I'm Andrew Beeston - apart from my day job I'm currently thinking about email marketing in the travel and tourism industry.

To help me create new ideas and engage in the practice of my profession, I write something fresh every day about email marketing, and observations of emails in my inbox.

hear from you if you have any reaction to anything I post here.


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